Al Ain Zoo Safari

We work with

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

Lewa is a natural conservation zone located in the Republic of Kenya. It is situated across an area of 61,000 hectares and is home to different types of animals, ecosystems and environments. We saw it necessary to cooperate with Lewa to support many of the projects adopted by this organisation in order to strengthen our global position and vision regarding wildlife conservation.

The partnership does not only cover wildlife protection programmes. It also contributes to supporting cooperation and the exchange of scientific and academic expertise and providing essential support to important projects; such as the Wild Lions Control Project, Grévy's Zebra, Black Rhinos and Elephants.

Sahara Conservation Fund

The Fund's efforts are based on the conservation of the biodiversity of the Sahara and neighbouring territories, including all parts of North Africa, where these areas host many endangered species, such as the Oryx, the Gazelle, and the Addax.

Since 2008, our zoo has been working with Sahara Conservation Fund and a number of international partners to re-introduce the Scimitar Oryx that is extinct in the wild. Our zoo also supports field research, which includes Dama Gazelles, Porcupines and Barbary Sheep in Nigeria's national park.

Emirates Nature-WWF 

The EWS is a non-profit organization in the United Arab Emirates. Established in 2001, the organization aims to collaborate with UAE organisations to conserve biodiversity, address climate change and the environment.

We are proud to be a Platinum Member of the Society, as this membership promotes cooperation in efforts to conserve endangered species and protect natural habitats in our country.

IUCN - Species Survival Commission

The IUCN Species Survival Commission is one of the largest networks of more than 9,000 experts, scientists and volunteers from around the world, working in teams and more than 130 committees. It is a volunteer-based organisation that relies on donors for its continuity. Al Ain Zoo is one of its primary donors.

The Species Survival Commission is intensifying its efforts to address species conservation issues, revaluate the red list of endangered fauna and flora and focus on releasing species back into their natural habitats. It also aims to support institutions at the national level to implement conservation measures in accordance to global conservation benchmarks and policies.