It climbs, it swings and it feeds with gusto, Al Ain Zoo welcomes our latest newborn baby “Ginger”. The White-Handed Gibbon recently gave birth to a male gibbon increasing our collection to 4. Gibbons share many features with great apes: a large head, no tail, up-right posture, a broad chest and lots and lots of hair! A unique feature is its 4-fingered hands that they use to swing & climb trees and avoiding water, as they can’t swim.

Compared to humans, gibbons walk very similarly to us, where they don’t use their hands to balance. As lovable as they look, they are very compassionate to their families, spending lots of time together and caring for the young. They can spend a lifetime with only one wife! They can be found in China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia. In fact, the White Handed Gibbon is classified as an endangered species according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List. Did you know the Gibbon can jump between trees and can reach up to 15 meters and the speed of 56 kmph.