Al Ain Zoo offers a unique and exciting chance for participants to find out how to preserve the environment, wildlife, and nature via our innovative winter, summer, and spring camp programs offered during the UAE’s school holidays.

Our camps’ activities focus on developing participants’ level of knowledge in various scientific topics, in addition to developing intellectual skills, promoting social relations, and enhancing abilities such as taking responsibility and working in a team.

Our camps provide a unique opportunity for participants to get close to our amazing animals through a range of educational activities such as animal feeding and reptile handling. Also, we arrange art and craft activities, grading, recycling, and team-building games.

Our camps will also provide a unique opportunity for participants to interact with our Zoo Keepers and learn from their experiences. We also take them on tours of the back of house areas, so they can find out more about conservation and how we look after the animals in our care.


Our camps feature a new look every season.

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