Outreach Activates



Al Ain Zoo offers various field outreach programs that provide excellent educational interactive opportunities for acquiring new knowledge on different environmental topics, wildlife, and conservation. Our outreach programs are divided into two main categories: assembly and classroom programs. We can also participate in your educational and environmental events and public celebrations.


1- Wild Wonders

Habitats are vitally important to animals all over the world. During this program, students will meet animal heroes from different habitats. They will be introduced to what each habitat has to offer along with the other animals that live in it.


2- Zoo Heroes

In this assembly program, you will meet Al Ain Zoo’s heroes and learn about the importance of their jobs for our animals, such as Zoo Vet and Zookeeper, in an interactive way.



3- Animal Body Coverings

Why do animals look so different from one another? How do those differences help them survive?

In this program, students will learn about animal adaptations through some of their most visible characteristics. You will get the chance to see and touch interesting animal artifacts, and even get to meet a Zoo ambassador animal!


4- Zoo Vet Clinic

In this program, students explore four different activities that Zoo vets use for diagnosis, identification of animals in a group, and monitoring the growth rate of baby birds.


5- Bird Beak Station

This program focuses on bird beaks, exploring the relationship between a bird's beak and its ability to find food and survive in a given environment and learn about bird beaks as an example of an adaptation.


6- The World of Fossils

Our intrepid explorers, Mr & Mrs. Paleo, have just returned from the deserts of Abu Dhabi and they’d like to share their adventures with you. Meet them and help piece together the evidence of their discoveries, using the skills of a paleontologist.



7- Birds Touch Table

Birds are amazing animals with many unique characteristics; they come in all sizes and shapes.

In this program, students will learn about, and explore, various samples of eggs and feathers and will gain interesting information about birds using various educational materials through information cards.


8- Sand Cat Touch Table

Have you ever seen a sand cat before? This program presents interesting information about the sand cat and provides the opportunity to look at the different materials and equipment used in the field of research and lots more.

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